Gardeners face Health & Safety issues

Man near flowers

The residents of Rialto Gardens in Salford have been ordered to remove decorative flower pots from the pathway of their sheltered housing accommodation.

Over the last few years residents have received quite a few accolades having finished second place in the best communal garden category two years in a row, which is ran by the social housing provider Salix Homes.

But now Salix has informed residents that they can no longer have plant pots around the communal footpaths, as they are deemed an “obstruction” and are in breach of Health & Safety regulations.

Sue Sutton the chief executive of Salix Homes explains the decision by stating;

“’We appreciate the efforts of all the residents at Rialto Gardens who take such pride in the area and work so hard to keep the communal area looking so pleasant and welcoming.

However, there are a number of residents in the area who suffer from mobility issues. We have a duty to ensure that the footpaths are clear and accessible at all times.”

Local residents however disagree with Salix, and one such resident Valerie Webb feels that gardening was used to “cheer ourselves up” and is she states that she is feels “really depressed about this because my gardening is all that I’ve got.”

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