Need Health & Safety advice?

Health & Safety consultants can join the register, but must be able to demonstrate that they;

  • Belong to a professional body
  • Have a degree-level qualification
  • Have least two years’ experience
  • Can demonstrate a commitment to continuing their professional development

Should a business owner require the support of Citation to help them comply with their Health & Safety obligations, the OSHCR provides reassurance.

It enables those who require an outsourced compliance solution for Health & Safety to search for an individual Health & Safety consultant and view whether the consultant meets the required OSHCR standards.

Alastair Hall, Head of Health and Safety at Citation said “We are delighted that the OSHCR has been introduced, it provides complete transparency for all service providers and demonstrates the quality of Citation consultants. Citation has always prided itself on the quality of our staff and it’s comforting to get recognised by an independent body. This makes it easier for our clients to seek reassurance prior to purchasing our services”

Citation’s compliance solutions in health & safety and employment law provide SMEs with 24/7 advice and ongoing support to deal with any related issue, enabling employers to easily demonstrate they have followed the necessary procedures.

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