Do you effectively manage sickness absence?

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How best to manage sickness absence?

We held three business briefings in December at Cheltenham, Cambridge and Swansea discussing the everyday issues businesses face with their staff and adhering to Health & Safety regulations. We had lots of debate on the HR issues we manage on a day to day basis to ensure we get the most from our staff.

Unfortunately, some business leaders were unable to attend this session at short notice due to sickness absence within their business.

We know being able to answer the following questions will help you to manage any absence issues you may have:

  • Do you know what your abence rate is? How does it compare with absence rate for your industry?
  • How do you manage employees that exceed normal levels?
  • Do you offer flu vaccinations? At this time of year this could help your absence rate
  • How much notice do you require from employees when they phone in sick? Is it set out in your employee handbook?
  • Do you complete a return to work interview after each sickness absence to ensure staff are fit to return to work?

Hopefully these tips will ensure more business owners and managers get to attend our events as we know they are beneficial and a great use of time. In January we will be hosting roadshows all over the UK, go to or call 0345 310 0650 for full details.

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