How to choose HR software

HR impacts both employees and your business as a whole – which is why it’s vital to manage it effectively and smoothly.


While many business owners may handle their own HR or have a dedicated team, others may seek alternatives. Ideal for smaller businesses or those looking to maximise efficiency, HR software can be a cost-effective solution.


With so many software options available, it’s essential to choose one that meets your specific needs as a business. From budgets to functionality, here’s what you should consider when choosing HR management software.

Why use HR software?


While many companies may favour ‘traditional’ methods, HR software can play an important part in saving you time and money. For example, you can use it to track time and determine which are your business’s highest-value tasks, helping you to allocate resources in a smart way that not only saves you time but can help boost your bottom line.


Digital HR software helps to free up your people’s time by automating time-consuming tasks. Rather than focusing on low-value, manual processes, they can invest their time on other duties, increasing productivity and profitability.

A business owner and employee choosing a suitable HR software package

What benefits does HR software provide?


HR software can offer a whole host of functionality, so it’s suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Typically, you can use it to manage annual leave, attendance, employee data, expenses, payroll, performance and recruitment. However, the specific platform you choose will be based on what your business specifically needs.


HR software offers a host of benefits, including:


  • Boosting staff and business efficiency
  • Improving employee experience
  • Organising workflows and strategies
  • Protecting sensitive information
  • Reducing printing costs and paper usage
  • Creating more structure around calendars, rotas and payroll
  • Streamlining tasks through automation
  • Securing documents with better protection
  • Allowing your people to focus on more value-driving tasks
  • Enhancing the decision-making process
  • Increasing compliance and regulation in how tasks are performed.


Which HR software is best?


When choosing the right HR software for your business, you’ll likely be interested in two things: the price and the features. While many platforms offer a broad range of features, we personally recommend Atlas. Citation’s very own human resource management platform, Atlas was created in-house by our team of HR experts and is designed to cover the specific needs of growing businesses.


The benefits of Atlas HR software include:

Every HR consideration is catered for

If your HR software doesn’t cover all the necessary tasks to support your business, you risk missing vital pieces of the HR puzzle.

Luckily, because Atlas has been developed by our team of experienced HR practitioners, every key area is covered. Store and distribute contracts and company handbooks safely, with data protection in mind. Get a better hold on Health & Safety compliance, and manage annual leave requests and absences all from one platform. Everything from security to staff wellbeing is covered in one user-friendly platform.

Available anywhere, from any device

Available on desktop, laptop and mobile, Atlas can be used across different platforms to suit any user. It’s easily accessible from the office, at home or on the go thanks to a user-friendly design and cloud-based technology.

Guaranteed security

Data protection must be handled with the utmost seriousness. Atlas offers different levels of authorisation, giving employees access only to the information relevant to their job role and user permissions.

Likewise, data within Atlas is protected using encryption technology and is stored in the cloud. Both employees’ details and sensitive company information are locked away securely.

Access to elearning courses

With a selection of frequently updated elearning modules – including the option of an additional suite of CPD certified and RoSPA approved courses, employees can use Atlas as a hub for improving their knowledge and developing their skills. Plus, you have the added benefit of keeping up with your employee training obligations, and plugging the skills gap, digitally. You can upskill your people at the push of button, versus losing vital resources for days at a time for expensive, in-person training.

How much does HR software cost?


The cost of HR software programs will differ depending on the provider and the type of package you choose. In some cases, a company may be happy with some areas of their current human resources processes, so they might not require a full HR software package. However, for companies who want all features accessible in one place, a full-service package is often the most cost-effective option.


You can pay for HR software monthly or annually, or may need to enquire with the program provider to get a price for the specific services you need. Some software is free, but you will need to check what is included in it as it may not include as many features as a paid alternative.


If you’re interested in using Atlas to manage your HR requirements, get a free demo by calling our team on 0345 844 1111.

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