Jeremy Clarkson leaves the BBC after ‘fracas’

It’s official, Jeremy Clarkson has left the BBC. After a fortnight of rumours, petitions and even opinions from the Prime Minister, the BBC have decided to part company with the popular but controversial presenter.

So, from an Employment Law perspective how did the BBC handle the ‘fracas’?

Our Employment Law experts have had their say:

“Based on the information published, it appears the BBC could possibly be praised for the way that it has handled its investigation into the incident which has led to Jeremy Clarkson not having his contract renewed by the organisation.

Despite extreme external speculation, the BBC appears to have conducted their investigation fairly, and if the published report extracts are to be relied upon, with all parties involved agreeing with the facts.

For many other UK employers, a thorough investigation is often not the end of the process and is the forbearer to formal disciplinary proceedings that need to be carried through patiently and fairly.

It is incredibly common that violent conduct leads to gross misconduct dismissals and employers should have a robust disciplinary procedure in place warning of the consequences of violence in the workplace.”

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