Public Sector Cuts and looming job losses strike fear for UK business

With fear and uncertainty in the air, many employers both in the public and private sectors are again faced with making tough decisions to protect the future viability of their businesses.

For many business owners, the prospect of making job cuts is a daunting task. Managers and Directors are not only faced with coping with the upheaval and emotions that redundancies can bring, but working their way through the minefield of employment legislation can be even worse.

Andrea O’Hare, Head of Personnel and Employment Law at Citation commented “Now more than ever, employers are under increased scrutiny by Employment Tribunals to ensure they are legally compliant when considering redundancies.” Employers need to understand how to handle redundancy situations appropriately, otherwise they run the risk of negative publicity and the possibility of large claims.

Citation’s Employment Law Consultants and 24/7 Helpline advisors have supported clients throughout the redundancy process, providing advice and guidance at all stages. If you are worried that your business is not properly conforming to current employment law, then a Citation employment law Consultant can help.

Operating throughout the UK since 1995, Citation provides professional advice and compliance packages to business clients. Independently endorsed at the highest level its market leading services provide guaranteed protection in the high risk areas of employment law and health & safety regulations.

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