Stress in the Workplace

Long hours, poor student behaviour and demanding parents. These are just some of the pressures that teachers are facing up and down the country. So, is it any wonder that stress is such a prominent issue in the education sector?

According to the Education Staff Health Survey, 88% of people working within the education sector have suffered from stress, with 89% blaming the workload they face to be the main cause of their mental health issues.

The stress teachers are facing is having a detrimental effect on both their performance and attendance. 60% have claimed that their performance has suffered, while 27% have taken time off work and 13% have quit their jobs completely.

Citation Says…

Taking the time to listen to staff and understand their issues can have a hugely positive influence on their mental state, and overall wellbeing. It can make them feel more valued as an employee, as they will feel that their issues such as workload are being heard and understood.

The survey showed that only 8% of teacher’s schools had a wellbeing policy implemented on a consistent basis. And, these 8% reported significantly lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Proof that consistent engagement with your staff can have not only positive effects on the employee themselves, but will also improve their performance at work.

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