Why do UK employees quit new jobs?

8 reasons valued employees leave

Starting a new job should be an exciting time and a chance to show your new employer what potential you have. If you find yourself in a job that you haven’t been in for very long and know isn’t right for you, how long should you stick at it before considering moving jobs? Many people are likely to stay in the job as their opinion of it may change over time and once they have settled in. Others may begin job hunting straight away if they don’t think things will change. Quite often, we’re told to stay in a job for at least one year minimum, as having a lot of jobs for short periods of time on your CV doesn’t look great to a potential employer.

What makes an employee want to quit a job within the first year?

We surveyed 1,000 UK individuals to find out why some people quit their jobs in less than a year of being there and the response that came out on top was bad management at 68%. Having poor leadership can affect productivity while increasing stress levels within the workplace, which then creates a negative attitude amongst employees. It’s important that managers listen to what employees have to say, whether it’s positive or negative in order to resolve any issues that may arise. Issues that are ignored by management will only cause distrust with staff leading to a hostile environment in the workplace. 61% of respondents said a hostile environment would be a reason why they are likely to quit their job within the first year.

How can employers help employees settle into a new role?

For employers to help new employees settle into their new role, they need to have good training opportunities and be able to demonstrate that there is room to progress within the business. Employees need to stay motivated and driven throughout their job and if there is no vision or opportunity to advance within that role then the employee will likely lose interest quickly. Employers should give positive feedback and reward employees as this will help create a positive atmosphere. Offer company benefits that people will appreciate, such as work bonuses, a flexible work schedule and an impressive holiday entitlement. Even free perks like parking, tea and coffee and fresh fruit are seen as an added bonus.

What can an employer do to keep new employees?

Hiring the wrong employees can lead to a high staff turnover which isn’t good for any business. To avoid this, employers need to ensure they hire the right person for the job by advertising the role correctly. The job description will need to match what the role entails so the new recruit isn’t misled and to make sure that they can actually complete the necessary tasks that is required of the role. Encourage communication throughout the company so should any issues arise, employees know they can turn to management to resolve them effectively. Arrange meetings with employees regularly to discuss the progress of work and targets and as another way to keep the communication ongoing.

We have created this infographic which shows the data from the survey, including what company benefits are more valuable to employees, which industries have the highest and lowest turnover, as well as tips on how to keep new employees in the workplace.

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