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Last week, we held our first question & answer (Q&A) session across our Twitter page in conjunction with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA).

For many nursery owners, ever changing HR legislation can be a minefield. Being able to speak to experts quickly and easily can be a big help, which is why we have begun to run Q&A’s through our social channels.

Our Employment Law expert, Mark Nolan hosted the hour long session and answered any questions that were submitted.

Below are some of the most popular questions that were asked throughout the hour:

1. Will the same legal penalties apply for the National Living Wage as the National Minimum Wage if employers don’t comply?

Answer can be found:

2. Do I have to pay my staff for the time they spend attending training? I need advice on whether the training has been required by the employer as opposed to the employee is doing out of their own interest for personal reasons.

Answer can be found:

3. I can’t afford the National Living Wage as well as paying pension auto enrolment – what can I do?

Answer can be found:

4. A staff member was late four times in October. Can I sack them for constant lateness? As it’s becoming a constant problem.

Answer can be found:

5. One of my staff is refusing to wear her staff uniform. What action should I take?

Answer can be found:

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To help nurseries and their staff, we’ve created articles and free guides on issues such as the National Minimum Wage increase, pension’s auto enrolment and much more.

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