Wiltshire Nursery in Police Inquiry

Nursery Employee Arrested

A nursery employee has been arrested by police as they investigate ‘Little Angels Nursery’. According to Ofsted they have closed the nursery, as it is their belief that “a child may be exposed to a risk of harm.”

The Nursery in question had been given a “good” rating at its last inspection in September of last year, but it has now been suspended until further notice.

The notice on the gate explained the reason for the closure, “The purpose of the suspension is to allow time to investigate our belief that a child may be exposed to a risk of harm and for any necessary steps to be taken to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm.”

Vetting Checks

The nursery has nine staff on the pay roll which had “undergone appropriate vetting to check their suitability to work with children”, according to the Ofsted inspection report.

They further added that all staff had a “strong knowledge and awareness of the policies and procedures for safeguarding children’s welfare and are well trained to deal with safeguarding concerns”.

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