An employer’s guide to maternity leave and furlough

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme raises some particular considerations for employers when they have an employee on maternity leave.

Our HR and Employment Law experts have taken some of the most common questions we’ve received from employers and business owners – from whether an employee can be on maternity leave and furlough at the same time to how to calculate furlough and maternity pay – and have created this in-depth guide, to help you get a better grip on what your responsibilities are to your employees.

What is in this guide?

In this guide we cover off the following topics:

  • Can an employee be on furlough and maternity leave at the same time?
  • Can an employee who is coming back from maternity leave be put on furlough?
  • Can an employee end their maternity leave early to come back and be put on furlough?
  • How to calculate furlough pay if an employee has been on maternity leave
  • How to calculate maternity pay if an employee has been furloughed

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