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Minster Cleaning Services is a nationwide commercial cleaning company. It’s been in business since 1982, and provides offices and commercial premises up and down the country with reliable, high quality, and cost-effective cleaning solutions.

With a UK-wide presence and more than 40 branches to its name, we spoke to Ian Hadley, their Operations Manager, to understand how we help their day-to-day.

“Citation are friendly and reliable, they provide common sense advice, and they provide it at an affordable price.”

Taking the pain out of paperwork

When you’re running a business, keeping track of endless pieces of paperwork can soon become time-consuming, complicated and just plain frustrating. With our support and resources though, it needn’t be.

“Having the correct paperwork in place is really important – risk assessments, method statements, COSHH data sheets, and that kind of stuff, so having guidance and access to a large database of templates in these kind of areas is really useful to us,” Ian said.

Help that’s always at hand

“Having access to Citation’s helpline is really valuable. Just knowing there’s support there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can get the answers and advice that you need, when you need it, is really useful,” Ian spoke.

“We’ve got a franchise network of over 40 branches, so the annual site visits that Citation provide ensures that all our branches are compliant with all the relevant legislation.”

A life without Citation

Here at Citation, it’s our mission to make your life easier, so it’s perhaps no surprise that once businesses join us, they can’t imagine a world without us.

“I don’t think we could stop using Citation. We need the service they provide and we couldn’t survive without it. We’ve looked at the possibility of employing direct staff for HR & Employment Law and it’s just not feasible for a company of our size,” Ian said.

Adding: “We couldn’t provide the service 24 hours a day for 52 weeks of the year, so I don’t think we could do it. And, if you haven’t got the advice to call on, there’s an increased chance of people making the wrong decisions, which leads to bigger problems further down the line.”

Our pride and joy

We pride ourselves on the experience, expertise, and approachability of our Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law consultants. We think they’re the best in the industry – of course we do! But our clients agree too…

Ian said: “I’d say that Citation have extensive knowledge of their specific areas – you just know that the advice you’re being given is correct. I’ve had the same lead consultants now for more than four years, so that’s lead to them getting to know our business very well, so we’ve got that consistency there, and the advice they give us is always relevant to our business.”

Taking compliance online

Our online management platform, Atlas, aims to streamline the day-to-day running of businesses. With everything from risk assessments and training to policy distribution and absence management, it’s your one-stop shop.

“Atlas is a good information source and document library of risk assessment and method statement templates, and they’re really useful because they save you a lot of time.

“I also like the training modules. They’re really good and we’ve started to incorporate them into our initial induction training with staff and also as they develop further on. Citation have actually written a specific training module for us on infection control, too,” Ian commented.

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