Contractor Pre-Qualification advice means you can relax. You're not alone.

When you're applying for a big local authority or commercial contract it can feel like you're jumping through circus hoops.

The countless Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) questions don't take into account that every business is different,  and that you have a day job to do... which leaves little time for answering questionnaires.

Whether they're assessing your staffing skill and training, previous experience, environmental and discrimination policies, financial viability or Health & Safety, knowing that you're saying what they want to hear takes a lot of effort.

And an ability to see inside their minds and tailor it perfectly to their project. That's where we can help.

Helping businesses like yours to get this part of the process right is one of the most regularly requested services we provide.

It stands to reason that having someone who has done it before will give you a head start. But we go further. We want to make it easier for you, every time.

That's why we can also support you with applying for a wide range of accreditation schemes.

Accreditation from schemes like CHAS Certificate of Accreditation (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme), SMAS Worksafe Accreditation (Safety Management Advisory Services) and Safe Contractor Accreditation proves that you can be trusted. That you tick all the boxes.

And it means you can relax when a PQQ drops through the door. Because from this point on, any answers you give can demonstrate the things that make you really stand out. The things that win you business.

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