Citation achieve re-accreditation for CHAS

Why do we need to be CHAS accredited?

As a leading Health & Safety consultancy it is important that we practice what we preach.

Helping clients with pre-qualifications questions (PQQs) equates to over 10% of calls through to our 24/7 advice line, so it is important that we know what we are talking about!

The fact that we have been through this process and re-accredited ourselves a number of times proves that we fully understand it and we can help and guide any of our clients through the issues they may have.

Why would a company need a CHAS accreditation?

Quite simply, it helps you get your foot in the door.

CHAS accreditations are required by a large number of organisations and local councils to prove that your business is competent and takes Health & Safety seriously. So when you complete your CHAS accreditation you will be able to apply for contracts that otherwise would have been out of your grasp.

Some of the areas that will be examined during your CHAS application will be:

Method Statements
Health & Safety training
Asbestos Awareness Training and Management
Workplace Safety Inspections
Fire Risk Assessments

If you require any help with your CHAS application or you are considering applying for one, give us a call!

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