Method statements not only demonstrate Health & Safety compliance but also help you win business.

It might feel like a pain in the neck but method statements have a very real purpose.

They prove that you're doing things safely and in line with the regulations – and this proof can be useful when you're pitching for work too. They can even save you time and money, through assessing your internal processes and projects. Just what we like to hear.

Whether you're manufacturing widgets or running a care home, we want you to be freed up to get on with that.

The reality is that you're probably too busy to think about things like method statements. However useful you know they might be. You're looking for a partner to take this off your desk and get the job done.

Don't worry. We're coming to the rescue.

Having to spend time writing documents is what we're there for. Finding ways to save you time and money, and help you to win business, is a part of what motivates us.

That's why, during our annual visits to your business we'll work with you and your managers to seek out areas where method statements are required or could be helpful.

We'll even sit by your side, helping you to fill in the forms and get things done properly. We want you to trust us to look after distractions like this, so you can look after your business.

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