How to stop employees slumping over summer

Managing employees is never an easy task, but summer can be particularly testing. Whether colleagues are jetting off abroad, admiring the sun or counting down the days until their own getaway, there are plenty of distractions to contend with.

If you’re concerned the annual summer slump might burn a hole in your business’ productivity and profitability, we’ve rustled up some simple, yet effective, ways to engage your employees.

  1. Give employees a voice: if you’re not already, give your employees the opportunity to have their say on workplace matters – it’ll go a long way in making them feel valued and part of the bigger picture. Whether it’s weekly summer-themed quizzes, team meals or lunchtime strolls in the sun, ask them if there’s anything you could organise to give them a boost over summer.
  2. Work-life balance: if it’s a glorious day, encourage your employees to leave work on time to make the most of the warmer, lighter nights. This way, they won’t feel like it’s just work, eat, sleep repeat.
  3. Bring in a splash of summer: this could be something as simple as coming in armed with ice-cream on scorching days, or making a point of being more relaxed when it comes to dress codes (if practicable) on warmer days.
  4. Outdoor team building: team building is a must all year around, but with summer comes lots of opportunities get into the great outdoors. Whether it’s a countryside walk, food and drinks in a beer garden, paintballing or hiring out a Segway, get on with some team building outside in the sun.
  5. Encourage outdoor lunch breaks: admittedly, it’s not the same as lounging outdoors all day, but it’s better than nothing.
  6. Positive management: no-one wants to step into the workplace to be yelled at, ignored or put down. Your management skills will come through in your employees’ attitude, so it’s on you to make sure it’s positive. If you’ve a number of line managers within your business, make sure they’re trained up on their management responsibilities, too.
  7. Praise performance: employee recognition certainly isn’t seasonal, but if you’ve let it slip, make a point of placing focus on it. If morale is already drooping, recognising and praising the small things will really help to inject a metaphorical spring into your employees’ working stride.
  8. Have a bit of fun: we know it can’t be fun and games all the time, but let your hair down from time-to-time. Put on some summer-themed occasions – like fancy dress, raffles or charity fundraisers, for example – to relax the team every now and then.

Happy staff stay longer

From higher retention rates and boosted productivity, to fewer disciplinaries and less sickness absences, the benefits of engaged employees are plentiful.

A costly mistake to make

Did you know that the average cost of replacing an employee is £30,000**? Pales in comparison to the cost of an ice-cream or teambuilding trip here and there, right?

Dealing with dis-engagement

If you’re battling with un-engaged employees and need guidance on anything from engagement strategies to managing disciplinaries, reach out to one of our expert consultants on 0345 844 1111.

*According to research conducted by Employee Benefits and Xerox HR Services.

**According to research conducted by AXA PPP.

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