The real costs of Fee for Intervention (FFI)


The HSE have released figures highlighting the volume of revenue being generated by their cost recovery scheme. As the infographic below illustrates, every area of the UK has been affected.

How is FFI calculated?

From the moment a material breach is found, the HSE will begin to charge £124 per hour – and the clock doesn’t stop until the issue has been fully resolved and re-inspected.

The average cost of intervention activity, as calculated by the HSE, is likely to be:

  • Inspection, resulting in letter – £750
  • Inspection, resulting in enforcement notice – £1,500
  • Investigations – Could be tens of thousands of pounds

If you’re in any doubt about your business passing an HSE inspection first time, get in touch with a specialist from Citation today to discuss your requirements. As a client, you can benefit from our Unique Advice Guarantee, which protects you from FFI charges, providing you’ve followed our advice.

FFI Infographic - Citation

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