Ask Citation about… HR and Health & Safety in nurseries

As a nursery owner, you probably want to spend most of your day answering questions, rather than asking them. But HR and Healthy & Safety can be tricky to get your head around.

Ever found yourself spending late nights Googling, asking Alexa or checking in with Siri to find answers? With Citation, you’ve got your very own database of knowledge.

Think of us as your personal search engine for any questions you’ve got about HR and Health & Safety.

We’ve started you off with three free guides covering the most common questions we get from nursery owners and managers. But don’t forget, when you work with us, our expert team are on-hand 24/7 to answer all your questions.

How do I recruit and keep hold of great staff in my nursery?

Finding and keeping hold of great recruits for your nursery has never been tougher. With a shortage of skills and historically low unemployment rates, how can you invest in your most values asset – your people – on a budget?

Our guide to recruiting and retaining talent in your nursery is packed full of tips for recruiting the right people and how to keep them engaged and happy.

How do I manage risky play and keep children safe?

You should always take risk seriously. But when working with young children, it’s important to let them explore the world and learn how to keep themselves safe.

We worked with the NDNA to produce this guide to risky play in nurseries. In it, we’ll take you through how to complete robust risk assessments and use dynamic common-sense skills to make sure you can make the most of risky play in your nursery business.

How do I make sure my nursery is fire safe?

Fire safety might not necessarily spring to mind as a top priority for many business owners. But it’s an integral and unavoidable element of managing a business, especially nurseries.

In our guide to fire safety roles and responsibilities, we dig deep about what’s your responsibility to take care of, how to complete fire risk assessments and the consequences of leaving fire safety uncared for.

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