We care that you care!

 With over 20 years of experience within the care sector, and partnerships with Care England, Scottish Care, NASHICS and over 35 regional care associations throughout the UK, we understand the things you're worrying about.

The things that keep you awake at night and distract you from the real job in hand – looking after people that need it.

Quite simply, we're here to take the weight off your shoulders.

To bring you peace of mind. Why not let someone else look after you, for a change? In partnering with us, from risk assessments to COSHH, you'll get expert advice and the tools you need to keep on top of everything. That means completing and storing the necessary documentation to prove your Health & Safety compliance.

We understand that one of the biggest problems you face relates to staffing. We get it. Sometimes, it feels like you're swimming against the tide. Problems range from flexible working hours to sickness & absence issues, and don't get us started on immigration and performance management. We will help, every step of the way. From creating handbooks to implementing an effective performance management system for your employees.

Best of all, we will be there whenever you need our help. We understand you don't work 9-5, so why should we? You've got access to our advice line 24/7, where our experts in HR and Health & Safety are there to listen... and provide the solutions you need.

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My Care Service isn't based in England, can you help with inspections in Scotland and Wales?

Yes, we have Care clients from all over the UK. We have the experience and the information to support you through your Care Inspectorate or CSSIW inspections. Get in touch to find out more.

What's new in Care?

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What's new in Care?

How can I improve my care service?

Andrea Sutcliffe, the Chief Inspector for social care at the CQC has given her 5 top tips for social care services to improve:

1. Hard Work- Make sure your employees put the required time, effort and commitment into creating a culture of success in your care home.
2. Use what works- Use all of the resources at your disposal, your issues will not be singular to you. Many care homes will have had the same issues and overcome them.
3. Be inspired by others- There are some great care homes out there, so it is important to learn from what they are doing well. Here is an example of a leading care home.
4. Listen to the people using your service- The majority of reports show that the best homes listen to the people using their service, whether this be the residents themselves or the families.
5. Believe you can- Make sure you and staff understand that you have the ability and know how to have a care home to be proud of.

In response to the CQC changes, Citation has developed a CQC specific tool to help address the issues care services face. Take a look at CQC Pro.