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Employee Rights

These days, there is much talk of employee rights and employer obligations, as if employing people is a one-way-street. Employees are well aware of their employment rights – and if they’re not sure, they can always claim their ‘human rights’!

Employees are entitled to an initial statement of employment particulars, an itemised pay statement, a disciplinary process at which they have the right to be accompanied, daily breaks, rest breaks, paid holidays – the list seems endless!

With the constant publicity about employee rights, employers sometimes forget that they have rights too – to regular attendance from its workforce, to good order and good behaviour, to a discrimination-free workplace, to politeness to customers, etc. – with corresponding obligations on their employees.

Citation helps its clients to make it clear to their employees, through well-written employment policies and procedures, that these employer rights and employee obligations are part of the two-way relationship between employer and employee.

We currently provide fixed cost compliance solutions for over 8,000 clients across the UK.

Operating throughout the UK, Citation is the UK’s leading provider of Employment Law and Health & Safety compliance solutions.

Citation is proud of its contribution towards the creation of a safe and fair business environment, whilst at the same time relieving the burden of regulatory compliance from its clients.

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