Employment Law

Employment Law covers everything you are legally obliged to do as an employer. It can be complicated and even an irritation, but it protects you, your team, your customers and your business.

Laws that protect and serve

Employment Law governs the relationship between you and your employees. It looks at every aspect of that relationship from contracts, to wages and hours, holiday and sickness pay, discrimination, harassment, redundancy, tribunals and disciplinary processes.

While these laws are often designed to protect workers from unfair practices, having watertight employment contracts and procedures in place also protects business owners.

You can’t escape the red tape

Your legal obligations can be complex and are constantly evolving. You can’t avoid them. But you can let us take care of them. We can handle everything from writing your employment contracts to helping you to comply with the latest legislation on pay and time off, maternity rights, paternity rights, and redundancy. If you get into a dispute, disciplinary or even a tribunal, it’s good to know our team of straight-talking experts are on your side. We’re there with the best advice for your business 24/7.

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